Our history

Remember Pacifique Sud?

Portugal  was not yet part of the European Union, and clothing brands did not abounded in terms of originality, and all of a sudden comes the Pacifique Sud brand.

Founded in the north of Portugal, this brand quickly became a fashion reference in the Portuguese market. With a big bet on the quality of the fabrics, its core was mainly the jeans.

At this point Pacifique Sud emerged as a breath of fresh air, possibly due to its creator being of French origin and having access to a whole fashion market, of which Portugal was still very out of date.

But as suddenly it appeared, it disappeared, to the chagrin of the many fans of the brand.

João and Raquel belonged to this set of fans, and after 20 years they still remembered the brand with affection and longing.

It was the year of 2014 when João, as part of his work as a consultant, had a client who had his business set up in the old shop of the Pacifique Sud brand ... and the memories came back even more vivid!

That same day John and Raquel decide to recover this iconic brand and introduce it again to the market.

The  famous turtle’s logo then began to appear again in stores and reactions did not wait, Pacifique Sud is back!

Passion and dedication are reflected in all the products now produced by the brand. The focus on the quality and being 100% made in Portugal is one of Pacifique Sud's proud reasons.

More than a brand Pacifique Sud, it's a way of living, it's personality and character, it's a different view and a healthy irreverence!

Pacifique Sud is undoubtedly, the French name brand, more Portuguese in the world!

Orders, Resales or information: geral@pacifiquesud.pt

Mobile: 934211860