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  • Pacifique Sud - Poncho Surf Azul com Mangas TU
  • Pacifique Sud - Poncho Surf Azul sem mangas TU
  • Pacifique Sud - Poncho Surf Azul sem mangas TU
  • Pacifique Sud - Poncho Surf Azul sem mangas TU
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Pacifique Sud

Pacifique Sud - Poncho Surf Blue - With Sleeves

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€65,00 EUR
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€65,00 EUR
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€65,00 EUR

100% Cotton 400 grm/m2
Color: Navy Blue (Pantone 2767)
Model with Kangaroo Pocket and Sleeves

The Poncho Surf allows you to dry easily and change clothes before and after practicing any water sport.

Its cut guarantees good protection from nudity, good thermal insulation and great ease when changing clothes as it has enough interior area to move around at will.

Produced in Portugal in 100% Premium Cotton, they are super comfortable in contact with your skin.

The Poncho Surf is the piece that will be useful for you on the beach, on the river, in the pool, in the gym when you get out of the shower. No more worrying about your towel falling off while you're changing clothes. Change your clothes in any public place very discreetly!

The perfect gift for a surfer, wakeboarder, paddleboarder, kayaker or anyone who spends time in and out of the water.

Hood - 46/34 cm
Chest width - 75 cm
Bottom width - 75 cm
Shoulder - 15 cm
Quarry - 39 cm
Sleeve length - 30 cm
Sleeve width - 34 cm
Comp. of the poncho from the armhole - 61 cm
Poncho length - 110 cm

Surf Poncho - South Pacific from South Pacific on Vimeo.